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The flammkuchen is the cooler, niche cousin of the thin-crust Italian Pizza. It's as versatile, tasty and fun as the universally adored pie, but lighter, healthier and oh so yummy!


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Original ⯈

Use base "onion/bacon"
Bake 5-7 min at 250-300 °C
Add greens before serving

Siam ⯆

Use base "Cream"
Add cooked shrimps, red onion, chilli
Bake 5-7 min at 250-300 °C

⯅ Alsace

Use base "Onion and Bacon"
Add champignons, cheese
Bake 5-7 min at 250-300 °C
Add greens before serving

⯇ banana

Use base "Cream sweet and Banana"
Bake 5-7 min at 250-300 °C
Add chocolate sauce before serving

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"Indulge yourself in the true flavor of Alsace, oh and don't forget to share, because sharing is caring ❤️"

- Shamika Smith

"When someone asks if you'd like cake or pie, why not say you want cake and pie, but healthier?"

- Monica Tata

"Bringing the friends together. That’s what “Flamm” is all about! Really nice 🍷👍🏽 if you like wine visit my page, I am a Italian Sommelier who travels to discover wines in the world!"

- Jose Hatts

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