About Us.

What's Flamm?

The flammkuchen is the cooler, niche cousin of the thin-crust Italian Pizza. It's as versatile, tasty and fun as the universally adored pie, but lighter, healthier and oh so yummy!

Rustled up on the border of France and Germany, the flammkuchen is also known astarte flambee, or ‘flame cake’.   This name – alongside being awesome – refers to the super high temperature needed to cook the dough to its signature thin and crispy finish. So, we have the cracker-thin crust. But what goes on top? Flammkuchen’s traditional topping is crèmefraiche. This creamy addition gives a savory flavor to the dish, tartly contrasting the crispiness of the crust.

""When someone asks if you'd like cake or pie,
why not say you want cake and pie, but healthier?""

- Shamika Smith